Allen Handzo

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Sometimes in your life, unexpected events occur that truly change your life. This occurred to me in December 2015. I woke up on a Wednesday morning with a strange feeling in my chest, but no real pain. I was waiting for it to go away but it never did. Because I was not experiencing any real pain, I did not suspect a heart event. My wife drove me to FWB Medical Center where I was immediately checked in, attended to and taken to the Cath Lab for more testing. I was told that most of my heart arteries were blocked and this would require open-heart surgery. Many tests were done but still I was unsure of what happened to me. Finally, I was told that I just had a heart attack and was being admitted for the evening. This was totally unexpected. I was stabilized on Thursday and prepped for surgery on Friday. On Friday morning, Dr. Sandwith and his heart team performed open-heart surgery on me. All I remember was waking up and not knowing where I was. I was in the Cardiac Vascular ICU. Once the anesthesia and painkillers wore-off I experienced much pain. The professionals in CVICU provided exceptional care of me. I was now beginning the road to recovery. After a few days in CVICU, I was transported to the 3rd floor for continued recovery. Once again the professionals on the 3rd floor took excellent care of me. Shortly after discharge, I participated in cardiac rehab and within 5 weeks I was able to attend the inaugural Mended Hearts meeting. Recovery progressed more quickly than I anticipated. Thanks to the many heart team professionals at FWBMC, I am healthy and have been given a new lease on life.