Intensive care unit in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Fort Walton Beach Medical Center provides a 23-bed intensive care unit (ICU). Our ICU nurses monitor critically ill patients around the clock. Our physicians are on-site to make sure patients receive the comprehensive care they need to heal.

The ICU is located inside the main building at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center on the second floor.

To learn more about our hospital's ICU, please call our Consult-A-Nurse® team at (850) 864-0213.

Our ICU staff understands that having a loved one in the ICU can be difficult. We want you to know that your presence by your loved one's side is essential to their recovery.

Combined with our intensive care medicine expertise, the support of family and friends helps promote the healing and recovery processes.

Conditions treated in the ICU

Our ICU team specializes in treating patients with serious medical conditions. We commonly treat patients with the following conditions:

Some patients may need to stay in the ICU after surgery. Our ICU staff also cares for patients who have had spinal fusions, neurological procedures and cardiovascular procedures.

Cardiovascular ICU

In addition to the general ICU services and treatments, our facility offers specialized cardiovascular care for ICU patients. With six rooms dedicated to the treatment and care of heart patients, our team is well equipped to provide cardiovascular intensive care.