Your go–to resource is our Spine Patient Navigator, Karla Mowdy BSN, RN. Karla's role is to help you through the process of having spine surgery and ensure you get access to the many educational elements provided by Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, such as patient guidebooks and pre–operative educational classes. She also works to ensure you know about all the logistical elements, even down to where to park on the day of your surgery.

To contact Karla directly, call her at (850) 797-9431.

Karla's role is to provide Fort Walton Beach spine patients and their families with education, support and coordination to help journey through your process of spine surgery.

This includes:

  • Facilitating communication between all members of the healthcare team
  • Ensuring patients are aware of the many educational offerings about their upcoming surgery
  • Helping patients understand the pre–planning necessary before undergoing surgery, such as arranging for home help, pet care and preparing your home
  • Serving as a reliable and trusted source with answers to varied questions
  • Providing a personalized touch to spine care patients by visiting patients during their hospital stay

Meet Karla Mowdy BSN, RN

Karla has worked in various nursing roles for over 17 years. She moved to Fort Walton Beach from a sister HCA affiliated hospital in Pasadena Texas, where she was the Director of Bariatric Surgery. In that role which was like the navigator role she has now, as she oversaw the surgical referral process and education and aftercare for the bariatric surgery population. She also has worked on a surgical unit at another HCA affiliated facility in Kansas where she was a preceptor on the orthopedic, neurology, trauma surgery unit. Karla enjoys the opportunity to work with the spine patients to ensure they receive the education and information they need prior to surgery and after surgery so their focus can be on achieving their best selves.