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What Are the Benefits of an MRI?

  • Images of soft tissue structures such as muscles are clearer and more detailed than with other imaging methods.
  • MRI enables the detection of abnormalities that might be obscured by bone tissue with other imaging methods.
  • MRI provides a fast, noninvasive, and often less expensive alternative to X-ray angiography.
  • MRI images can help physicians evaluate the function as well as the structure of the heart muscle and valves.
  • Exposure to radiation is avoided.
  • MRI can give images in multiple planes.

The MRI Suite Includes GE Optima MR450w 1.5T Scanner

This system was designed to help maximize comfort for patients:

  • A 70 cm wide bore for more space around the patient
  • Next generation clinical applications designed to reduce exam time
  • Delivers uncompromised imaging capability to help your physician make definitive diagnoses
  • Experience the balance of advanced technology and comfort during the patient’s next MR exam.