Acute Care Services are located on the third and fourth floors of the main hospital. These services are broken into four sub-units of health care. We have a Medical/Oncology unit, a Medical/Dialysis unit, post-surgical unit, and a pediatrics unit.

The Medical/Oncology unit provides inpatient services for medical conditions which include but are not limited to cancer and associated modalities such as the administration of chemotherapy.

Medical/Dialysis includes inpatient services for medical and post-operative patients (excluding cardiac surgery and organ transplants) with various medical conditions which include but are not limited to diabetes, hypertension, renal failure, and associated treatment modalities such as peritoneal hemodialysis.

The post-surgical unit includes inpatient services for post operative patients.

The Pediatric unit provides comprehensive care to children up to early adulthood. It is a Level I Pediatric Unit providing inpatient and therapeutic services for the medical and surgical diagnosis, treatment, and care of children.