In addition to our enhanced safety precautions including limiting entry ways and conducting visitor screenings, we have now implemented temporary visitor restriction guidelines to further ensure the safety of those we care for. Although Fort Walton Beach Medical Center does not have any COVID-19 positive patients, we are taking these extra precautions as COVID-19 continues to have an impact across Florida.

At this time, the following visitor restrictions are in place:

  • NO visitors allowed in the hospital. Exceptions: One adult visitor for the following:
    • Pediatric (as well as one overnight guardian)
    • NICU
    • Laboring Mothers (as well as one overnight significant other)
    • Pre/Post Surgery (Patient Advocate)
    • Disables/Elderly with Safety Needs
    • End of Life
    • ER patients
  • The above visitors can ONLY visit between 6am - 6pm and must use the Main Entrance