Fort Walton Beach, FL — Fort Walton Beach Medical Center (FWBMC) announced today the launch of a new lung-screening program to detect suspicious lung nodules in patients that could potentially cause cancer. More than 500,000 Americans living today have been diagnosed with lung cancer; it is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Lung cancer does not always cause symptoms which is why screenings are critical to ensure early detection. The rapid rise of lung CT screening coupled with the identification of incidental lung nodules creates an opportunity for improving outcomes for lung cancer patients.

FWBMC provides seamless lung nodule coordination that includes:

  • Continuity of care and ongoing treatment by a Fort Walton Beach Medical Center Patient/Program Navigator. The Navigator works collaboratively with the physician, their patient and FWBMC pulmonary medicine team to improve access to care with early intervention.
  • Personalized lung cancer risk evaluation and clinical assessment
  • Individualized care and treatment recommendations from radiology and pulmonary teams
  • Detailed discussion of the benefits and risks of clinically appropriate evaluation

“Our Lung Cancer Screening and Nodule Management Program provides technical and clinical infrastructure to support patients most at-risk of developing or living with lung cancer,” said Mitch Mongell, CEO of Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. “Our navigators ensure patients receive the care they need following inpatient admission and leads to reduced rates of missed appointments, increased rates of evidence-based care, and additional quality-adjusted life years”