Fort Walton Beach, Fl — Fort Walton Beach Medical Center’s Heart Center has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest technology and procedures so it’s no surprise that Fort Walton Beach Medical Center is the first hospital in the area to implant the world’s smallest and lead-less pacemaker. The first surgery for this new pacemaker will be performed by Dr. Ajit Janardhan on March 12, 2018.

Unlike most pacemakers that are placed in the patient's chest with leads running to the heart, the leadless pacemaker is implanted directly into the patient’s heart.

  • Less invasive — it is placed in the heart via a vein in the leg, thus no chest incision, scar, or bump that results from conventional pacemakers.
  • Self-contained — it is completely self-contained within the heart. It eliminates potential medical complications arising from a chest incision and from wires running from a conventional pacemaker into the heart.
  • Small — this new leadless pacemaker is 93% smaller than conventional pacemakers, about the size of a large vitamin capsule.

For most patients, this new design translates to fewer medical complications and fewer post-implant activity restrictions. Out of sight. Out of mind. This new leadless pacemaker is the world’s smallest pacemaker — leaving no bump under the skin, no chest scar and requiring no lead. It is completely self-contained within the heart and provides the therapy needed without a visible or physical reminder of a medical device. “With the only open-heart surgeon in town, we pride ourselves on ensuring we have the latest technology and procedures available for our cardiovascular patients”, states Mitch Mongell, CEO of Fort Walton Beach Medical Center.

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